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Concrete Mixer Common Accidents and Treatments

In this article, there is a summary of common accidents of concrete mixer and treatments to these accidents.
Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd’s concrete mixers uaually use such specifications as: 250L, 400L and 500L. According to the production process, concrete mixers can be divided into periodic and continuous forced concrete mixer. Forced type concrete mixer is generally used for factories which products large concrete or concrete mixing station. The construction sites usually use periodic type concrete mixer.
Common accidents of concrete mixer:
1.     The mobile concrete mixer itself exists problems during the installation and on protective device, thus causing safety threat to operators.
2.     Electricity in construction sites is unsafe and there is a leakage phenomenon, thereby causing the accidents of electric shock.
3.     The operational personnels violate the concrete mixer operating rules, regulations and caused personal injury.
According to the common accidents, safety engineers should emphasize the following operations:
1.     Small concrete mixer should be installed on flat and compacted places, and machinery installation should be stable and firm.
2.     Various types of concrete mixers shall be one-way rotary stirring.
3.     Before starting work, check whether electrical equipment insulation and grounding is good or not, and pulley protection device is complete or not.
4.     Before the feeding, take a commissioning. After ensuring the operation of concrete mixer is normal, then feed material to concrete mixer; If concrete mixer suddenly stops stirring, discharge the material; When restart concrete cement mixer, there shall be no material in hopper and start concrete mixer without load.
5.     The hopper should have the insurance hook, and hopper must hang safety hook after working.
6.     People are prohibited standing under the concrete mixer hopper, and non operators shall not operate concrete mixer.

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