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PE4-25 Concrete Block Machine

PE4-25 Concrete Block Machine Concrete block machine is one machinery equipment to make and produce bricks.

Concrete block machine uses stone powder, flyash, bira nest, scoria, rubble, sand, cement with water as raw materials to produce bricks by motive force.

PE4-25 concrete block machine in one kind of automatic concrete block making machine. There are motor vibration type and electronic machinery vibration type of PE4-25 concrete block machines. PE4-25 concrete block machine is also controlled by PLC.

PE4-25 concrete hollow block machine also can produce solid block and porous block. It is easy to operate PE4-25 concrete block machine.
PE4-25 concrete block machine adopts advanced electronic control technology, reliable hydraulic pressure system, mature and stable vibration pressure technology, advanced full-automatic control with hydraulic, machine and electricity integration. In addition, PE4-25 concrete block machine also has reasonable structure, forced type material layout and die pressing machine vibration.

PE4-25 concrete hollow block machine is one set of efficient, economical and practical concrete block machine.
Collocation of PE4-25 concrete block machine:

JS500 concrete mixer, PE4-25 block making machine, mould, belt conveyor, hydraulic station, PLC control system, pallets feeder, blocks conveyor, automatic stacker, manual hydraulic forklift, wearing spare parts, auto. color feeding system, ZSJ150 pigment mixer, extra normal mould, extra interlock mould, bamboo pallets (850×550×20mm).
Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd is one of concrete block making machine suppliers in China. All kinds of moulds can be produced by us according to buyers’ requirements.
Moulding cycle time 15-20s
Main machine dimension 4000x3500x2500mm
Main machine weight 5.5T
Main machine power 25.7kw
Vibration force 40kn
Pallet size 850x550x25mm
Item Specification(mm) (L*W*H) Quantity per hour(PCS)
Hollow block 390*190*190 640-720
Solid block 240*115*53 3800-4320
Porous block 240*115*90 1900-2160

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